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Why golf course homes are a great investment

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Buying property away from the city in recent years has been more propitious than ever. People are becoming aware that while there is much convenience and accessibility in living within city limits, there’s something comforting and dependable about living in communities a fair distance away from the hustle and bustle. Thus, many opt to put their money into real estate located in the outskirts of metropolises.

Taking a cue from suburban living, another viable real estate option is golf course homes for sale. And why not? Living in a golf course community combines high-end comfort, convenience, and privacy with the wide-open spaces that the suburbs are known for.

Golf has been a popular sport, especially among the upper crust of society. Thus, it was just a matter of time before someone developed the first golf course community in the 1920s that catered to the very wealthy. As the sport grew in popularity in the 60s, courses were built almost hand in hand with golf course neighborhoods. Moreover, luxury residential properties in premium communities began to sprout within close proximity of golf courses and country clubs.

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Benefits of investing in a golf course home in Paradise Valley

If investing in your very own property in a golf course community is among your lifetime goals, then consider a home in Paradise Valley. This suburb is a mere 30 minutes away from Phoenix and is one of the best places to live in Arizona, with a majority of its residents owning their properties rather than renting.

Paradise Valley gives you the option to live in a community that automatically grants you a membership to the nearest golf club – highly recommended for lovers of the sport and those who would like access to the club’s facilities, such as fitness centers, spas, and delectable dining options.

Imagine having all these special amenities while basking in a comfortable small-town vibe – this is the life you’ll get to enjoy when living in a golf course community.

Explore the perks of living in a golf course community

amazing home patio deck with view of golf course

The leisure and lifestyle

Golf course homes often occupy large lots so there won’t be any trouble making expansions should the need arise. These homes are often set in well-developed neighborhoods with all the community features one needs. Thus, there’s no need to go far for anything from essentials like groceries or medicine to recreational/fitness/educational/entertainment activities and venues.

A community you can thrive in

While golf course communities are typically exclusive, you can meet a wide variety of people from different walks of life. And the one thing that binds neighbors together is common interests. Golf, for one, is something that people in these communities are particularly interested in.

Standards in safety

Gated communities are naturally more secure for the benefit of residents’ comfort and safety. One can expect a very hands-on HOA who oversees and preserves the quality of life of residents. Moreover, most of these communities are protected by sturdy fencing and 24/7 security detail and patrols. Not even wayward golf balls can make it past the walls.

Perfect balance between indoors and outdoors

Golf course homes vary in architectural styles, but nearly all of them bring in the beauty of the outdoors to the indoors. This is particularly beneficial to people working from home who appreciate a different view every once in a while.

High potential for growth

Those who invest in real estate to resell in the future can find promising returns when they get a home in a golf course community. The quick access to a huge variety of amenities and entertainment options is a benefit that properties of this nature possess.

Neighborhoods in Paradise Valley

Also known as the “Beverly Hills of Arizona,” Paradise Valley boasts world-class golf courses, gorgeous luxury homes, a wide selection of shopping and dining options, as well as plenty of outdoor activities that you and your family can easily experience. These neighborhoods have been developed to have everything you need within an hour’s travel time.

Different golf course communities may be designed a particular way depending on the development. However, these designs do not distinguish whether one is a golfer or not. Everyone – golfers and non-golfers alike – will still be able to appreciate the full range of amenities and entertainment spaces available here.

Available golf course homes in Paradise Valley

One can expect a peaceful atmosphere paired with impeccably manicured landscaping in any gated community, but the best part will always be the variety of architectural styles that homes here possess. Single-family homes set in acres of land offer space and flexibility so you can put down roots and let your family grow.

Below are some of the most prominent golf course communities you can find in Paradise Valley:

Paradise Valley with the view of lake

  • Camelback Country Club Estates
  • Camelback Manor
  • Doubletree Acres
  • Hummingbird Estates
  • La Place Du Sommet
  • Malcolm Estates
  • Merrill Cantatierra
  • Northfield Estates
  • Tennis Ranch on Camelback
  • Warren Ranchos

Architectural styles and typical features and amenities

Paradise Valley is the perfect place for architecture enthusiasts, hosting award-winning residences with diverse designs that will keep you in awe. With constantly blue skies and only 7.3 inches of rain in a year, the climate largely influences the dominant architectural styles you will find here. Design-wise, the Great Outdoors manifest clearly in decor, colors, textures, and the overall theme of the interiors.

Here are the most prominent architectural styles you’ll find in Paradise Valley:

  • Contemporary
  • Mediterranean revival
  • Modern farmhouse
  • Ranch
  • Santa Fe
  • Spanish revival
  • Tuscan

Homes in Paradise Valley generally have amenities such as multiple family rooms, guest houses and suites, a gym or workout space, a home theater, an indoor or outdoor pool, a wine room, a library, and so much more. Typically, each lot is at least one acre with 25% of the land occupied by the house itself. Driving through the neighborhood, one will be amazed by the wide-open spaces among homes in this desert oasis, with the Camelback Mountain, Phoenix Mountain Preserve, and McDowell Mountains serving as stunning backdrops.

Overall, expect spacious homes, a wonderful balance of indoor and outdoor living, and a host of entertainment options and activities to explore and try. If you enjoy hosting friends and family, the pleasant climate is sure to be amenable to everyone.

Appreciation rate and home values in Paradise Valley

June 2021 market trends for Paradise Valley homes for sale show a dramatic 75.4% increase in median selling prices from last year, registering a price tag of $2,850,000. Residential properties stayed in the market for 46 days, a shorter period than the 78 days from the previous year. Experts see this as the result of the shelter-at-home directives and lockdowns imposed due to the pandemic, triggering people from mega-cities to move to and work remotely in the space and comfort of the suburbs.

Homes in Paradise Valley have been selling in June 2021 for 1.48% below the asking price, with more home buyers compared to the relatively scarce housing inventory. The short negotiation period and faster sale benefits sellers, while the lower-than-listed price reassures buyers that they can get a better deal than expected.

The pandemic may have dampened the local housing market momentarily with homes being sold at a median price of $1.32 million in September last year. But state recovery programs and more thorough initiatives toward getting a majority of Americans vaccinated are helping to bring back investor confidence. Thus, the Paradise Valley housing market is registering a slow but steady climb in home values, benefiting both buyers and sellers. This spells decent profits among those looking to sell their homes in the near future. But those planning for the long term can buy a house now to ride on the wave of positivity and be assured of stellar profits much later.

Living in Paradise Valley, AZ

Officially incorporated as a town in 1961, Paradise Valley is home to over 14,000 people. Homeowners dominate the housing scene here compared to renters – a testament to the fact that the locals are in Arizona for the long haul. Paradise Valley exudes that tranquil small-town vibe but it remains connected to urban conveniences, being close to the state’s metros like Scottsdale and Phoenix.


Paradise Valley gives its residents easy access to both essential amenities and entertainment and activity hubs. There are 11 public and private schools, 4 medical centers, and 9 resorts found here. Commercial businesses are also present in the surrounding neighborhoods to cater to the locals’ needs, along with places of worship.

There’s also a number of restaurants to sate your cravings without having to travel away from town. These fine dining options below are must-tries:

  • Asadero Cocina and Cantina. Executive Chef Don Molinich presents an artful approach to Nuevo Southwestern cuisine set in a stunning and sophisticated restaurant in DoubleTree Resort.
  • Chelsea’s Kitchen. Featuring a dining experience so naturally Arizonan, Chelsea’s Kitchen serves delectable meals with locally sourced ingredients, paired with craft beer and wine. Dine on their patio to fully appreciate the Paradise Valley experience.
  • elements. Find this gem by Sanctuary Resort and Spa on Camelback Mountain, founded by renowned celebrity chef Beau MacMillan. Here, you’ll enjoy fresh, local ingredients served in simple but filling meals.
  • Lon’s at the Hermosa. Rated as one of the top restaurants in Paradise Valley, Lon’s fuses fresh ingredients with timeless cooking traditions and cutting-edge trends. This is where you’ll find Arizona cuisine with an international twist. There’s something for everyone to discover thanks to a new Tasting Menu every week.
  • Weft & Warp Art Bar + Kitchen. This food place was inspired by the diversity of Arizona’s locals from artists to farmers to entrepreneurs, all of whom have contributed to the growth and prosperity of Paradise Valley. Weft & Warp invites you to enjoy a unique meal served fresh from their glass-walled exhibition kitchen.


road through the desert landscape sunset and sunrise

With its dramatic desert vistas and warm climate, Paradise Valley is the ideal destination for outdoor lovers. It boasts miles of hiking and biking trails, as well as watersports activities, thanks to lakes that are less than an hour’s drive away.

Here are several local attractions you can find in Paradise Valley:

  • Barry Goldwater Memorial Park
    6401 N Tatum Boulevard

    This park commemorates the life and achievements of Barry Goldwater, a Paradise Valley local who loved all things Arizona and served in the US Senate for 30 years. His likeness is forever etched in bronze with a life-size statue on the park grounds, surrounded by endemic desert plants and exquisite landscaping.

  • Cosanti Gallery
    6433 E DoubleTree Ranch Road

    This is the outdoor studio and gallery of world-renowned architect, sculptor, and designer, Paolo Soleri. Having apprenticed with famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Scottsdale, Soleri and his wife settled in the same site as the current gallery. Here, you can see his philosophy on “arcology” – a play on the words “architecture” and “ecology” – reflected in his remarkable creations.

  • El Chorro
    5550 E Lincoln Drive

    Reopening on August 4, this restaurant will once again be offering authentic Arizonan dining with a fantastic view of the Camelback and Mummy Mountains. It’s an incredible destination for all your special moments, whether it’s a social afternoon, an intimate dinner, or a grand gathering with all your loved ones.

  • Mojave Trail
    200 W Washington Street

    The perfect weather in Paradise Valley makes plenty of outdoor activities possible. Mojave Trail is a hidden gem and is one of the many hiking paths you can experience here, with trails for both beginners and adept hikers.

  • Paradise Valley Country Club
    7101 N Tatum Boulevard

    Established in 1953, Paradise Valley Country Club is one of the finest communities in the area. Members can tee off in an 18-hole golf course designed by Coore-Crenshaw. It also has other facilities like 10 tennis courts and four dining areas.

Proximity to key destinations

Paradise Valley is less than 30 minutes away from Phoenix and less than 10 minutes away from Scottsdale, so there’s easy access to main hubs and amenities, as well as key destinations in Arizona. Residents of Paradise Valley can visit these attractions and historical sites anytime they please.

This proximity also opens opportunities to those with plans to buy properties in Paradise Valley for use as rentals. Tourists are sure to flock here to see and experience nearby destinations like the ones below:

Must visit:

  • Taliesin West
  • This was Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and winter retreat, architecture school, and now, UNESCO World Heritage site and National Historic Landmark. Taliesin West was built from the ground up by Wright and his apprentices to welcome and educate future architects and design enthusiasts.

  • Heard Museum
  • Founded in 1929 by Dwight and Maie Bartlett Heard, the Heard Museum hosts world-class exhibitions that showcase Native American heritage and present their unique perspectives.

  • Phoenix Art Museum
  • The largest art museum in the southwest, the Phoenix Art Museum has a collection of over 20,000 items and receives more than 300,000 guests every year. It opened its doors in 1915 and stands tall to this day to showcase the best that Arizona’s artists can offer.

  • Arizona Science Center
  • Supporting STEM education and programs in Arizona, the Science Center is committed to challenging norms, creating a community that values learning. Its recent attractions include POP! The Science of Bubbles and Build It.

Must try:

  • Little Miss BBQ
  • Serving the finest of Arizona’s grilled meals, Little Miss BBQ started out in 2010 as a simple restaurant owned by a competitive barbecue team. From there, they now have a second location that also serves their famous Central Texas-style barbecue. They are constantly improving on their recipes to keep customers coming back for more.

  • Novel Ice Cream
  • Novel Ice Cream makes hand-crafted artisan ice cream for dessert lovers in Phoenix and nearby cities. Their signature warm donut bun stuffed with ice cream is highly recommended; it’s best to try it out on a particularly hot day.

  • Butters Pancakes & Cafe
  • Butters serves the finest meals in Scottsdale, with breakfast and lunch food served piping-hot. Start your day on a positive note by indulging in fresh, innovative meals while taking in the stunning views from their outdoor patio.

  • Kodo Sushi Sake
  • This restaurant gives Arizonans a taste of Japan with delectable servings of quality sushi, along with Japanese sake, black rice, and bluefin tuna.

Must see:

  • Hoover Dam
  • This world-famous engineering marvel and National Historic Landmark hosts over 8 million visitors every year. Standing at 726 feet tall and almost a quarter of a mile long, the dam forms man-made Lake Mead – another key destination close to Paradise Valley.

  • Grand Canyon
  • A visit to Arizona is never complete without seeing the majesty of the Grand Canyon. This national treasure encompasses 277 miles of the Colorado River and is 1 mile deep and 18 miles wide. There are many lookout points for those who would like to simply drive by the immense landmark. Meanwhile, walking parks and hiking trails are available for those who want to see its grandeur up close.

  • Monument Valley
  • monument valley in arizona

    Located on the Arizona-Utah border, Monument Valley is set in the Navajo Nation Reservation and is a spectacular sight to behold. Whether you’re simply an outdoor lover or a geology enthusiast, you’ll be awestruck by the natural rock formations in the Valley.

  • Havasu Falls
  • Arizona has its own share of waterfalls despite the mostly desert setting. One of them is Havasu Falls. Its close proximity to the Grand Canyon makes it accessible to hikers who enjoy more challenging treks. There are also picnic areas in the periphery for those taking it easy.

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