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Living in Paradise Valley AZ Real Estate

From high-end golf courses to first-class real estate, Paradise Valley offers a plethora of amenities for homeowners. Just outside Scottsdale lies the beautiful town of Paradise Valley, which also happens to be Arizona’s wealthiest municipality. The town’s slow-paced lifestyle and its beautiful weather make it one of the top locations for family living.

Paradise Valley AZ Community

While it has a smaller map coverage, Paradise Valley boasts affluence and first-rate quality of living. The median household income in the area is a whopping $204,145.

The community has an estimated population of 14,362 with a median age of 53.2. The present racial demographics of the town is as follows:

  • 84.8% Caucasian
  • 5.84% Hispanic
  • 5.26% Asian
  • 2.24% of other races

United States citizens make up 97.2% of the population. People in retirement are the majority of people living in Paradise Valley.

Real Estate

Paradise Valley is high in the ranking in terms of livability in the entire state of Arizona. It has an exceptional rural residence that keeps its proximity to major cities in the state.

The median property value in Paradise Valley is at an estimated worth of $1.8 million. Meanwhile, the median rent price is an estimated $1,772 per month. The price per square foot of listings in the area sits at around $437. It is a significant increase from the years prior.

Most residents in the area have a stable mortgage and own their homes, with high homeownership of 93.5%. Meanwhile, residential taxes in Paradise Valley are very low compared to other areas in the United States. This number is around 1% of the property’s market value.

To keep the town’s commitment to preserving private space, the local government has implemented strict local zoning ordinances. As such, luxury homes with an average of one acre dominate the realty in the area. There are also restrictions on where homeowners can build a house on a land plot based on the exterior roof’s height.

What It’s Like to Live in Paradise Valley AZ

Small house models on a map

Paradise Valley, AZ is one the most sought-after residence to live in Arizona. It offers an open and quiet space that of a slow-paced rural lifestyle. Paradise Valley offers both top-notch realty developments and the grandeur of Arizona’s nature. Furthermore, it values safety and security, making it an appealing place to move in.


Paradise Valley sits on the map of Maricopa County. It has a total land area of 40 square kilometers or 15.5 square miles and an elevation of 1,421 feet.

Mummy Mountain dominates the central terrain of the town along with other landmarks in its borders. The water supply in the area primarily comes from the Colorado River and other natural water resources.


One of the reasons that make Paradise Valley an appealing location to live in is its weather. The average rainfall in the area is very low, with the majority of the year being bright and sunny.

On average, the temperature typically ranges from 44°F to 105°F. The highs can go from 67°F to 106°F. Meanwhile, the lows usually range from 36°F to 76°F.


The town of Paradise Valley has taken shape in the last 75 years. However, over 2,000 years ago, it had been inhabited by the Native American farmer tribe called Hohokam. They abandoned the area in around 1375 because of the erratic climate changes.

During the 1800s, Paradise Valley’s map became land for farming and cattle grazing by European settlers. Then, in 1889, surveyors from the Rio Verde Canal Company searched through the area for agricultural opportunities. Because of the tranquil landscape it offers, they named the place “Paradise Valley.”

The settlement in Paradise Valley began to prosper in the late 1930s, post-WWII. The town became a residential area and started catering to commercial amenities. While the homes were small in size and had modest style, they were situated in large plots of land. These are typically around one to five acres of land.

In the late 1950s, Paradise Valley residents started a movement after the boundary expansion of the nearby Phoenix and Scottsdale. They were concerned about losing the rural lifestyle of Paradise Valley and getting swallowed by the urban sprawl.

They formed the “Citizens Committee for the Incorporation of The Town of Paradise Valley, Arizona.” The series of petitions aimed to keep the housing zoning to a minimum of one house per acre. The goal is to keep Paradise Valley a residential area and to minimize government intervention.

On May 24, 1961, residents were granted the incorporation, establishing the Town of Paradise Valley. The Town Council’s formation strengthened the zoning ordinances and property annexing. By 1968, residents enjoyed set boundaries in the town.


The household median annual income in Paradise Valley in 2018 was $204,145. It jumped a yearly growth of 16.2% from $175,673 in 2017.

Meanwhile, there was a 5.13% employment growth rate in Paradise Valley with around 6,250 employees. It was a jump from the number of 5,940 employees in the year prior.

The thriving industries in Paradise Valley are in the field of technology, management, education, and healthcare. Meanwhile, the most common job groups are in management and sales occupations, technical occupations, and health-related occupations.


What makes Paradise Valley an appealing place to move into is their top-rated school. The schools in the area boast a high-quality education with a low student-to-teacher ratio. There are both public district schools and private schools in Paradise Valley.

Moreover, the town has proximity to some of the best schools in nearby cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Here is the list of schools you can find in and around Paradise Valley:

  • Kachina Country Day School
  • Cherokee Elementary School
  • Kiva Elementary School
  • Montessori Academy
  • Paradise Valley High School
  • Jones-Gordon School
  • Biltmore Preparatory Academy
  • Camelback High School
  • Chaparral High School
  • Cocopah Middle School
  • Mohave Middle School
  • Saguaro High School

Homes for Sale in Paradise Valley AZ

Luxury Villa with a swimming pool

What makes the Paradise Valley real estate scene unique is its exclusivity and affluence. Moreover, far from what you’ll expect, the luxury home listings in the area are relatively lower compared to other cities.

Residents enjoy both the town’s tranquil atmosphere and its proximity to various amenities. The community is peaceful and dominated by diverse residential homes and mansions.

Property Types and Architectural Styles

Single-family homes dominate the population of Paradise Valley. These are properties situated on at least one acre of land, with the house occupying 25% of the land. Because of the town’s zoning ordinance, the property types in Paradise Valley have a rural feel.

There’s no particular architectural style that dominates the homes in the town. In fact, different homes have different characteristics with a thriving architectural diversity. Still, contemporary architecture is the most sought-after by homebuyers.

Having retractable glass walls in homes is popular to enjoy the sceneries offered in the area. Most homes would also have outdoor amenities like pools, courts, and other outdoor entertainment spaces. For luxury homes, it’s common to have a gym, home theater, wine cellar, and spa.

Regardless of the property, residents can enjoy the access to nearby resort communities. While condominiums are not popular in Paradise Valley, there are also a number of listings in the area.

Notable Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in Paradise Valley are predominantly gated neighborhoods. However, there are also single homes with exclusive gates. Regardless, homeowners find the community generally safe.

One of the most notable neighborhoods in town is the high-end Camelback Country Club Estates. This deluxe country club features huge lots with a close-knitted community. Colonia Miramonte follows with its contemporary-styled homes situated against the hills in town.

Other notable neighborhoods in Paradise Valley are:

  • Cheney Estates
  • La Place Du Sommet
  • Gainey Ranch

Celebrities Living in Paradise Valley AZ

With upscale structures and multi-million dollar real estate properties, Paradise Valley is home to many personalities. These include musicians, professional athletes, authors, and many celebrities.

Robert Mitchum

The forerunner of the 1950s and 1960s film antiheroes had a home on Mockingbird Lane for many years before he passed. He frequented the town’s Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Events and Arabian-horse events.

Michael Phelps

The swimming legend bought a 6,010-square-foot house in the town in 2015. Phelps’ property has five bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms.

Kurt Warner

The former quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals and now a sports broadcaster sold his house in Paradise Valley for $2.5 million.

Bil Keane

The famed American cartoonist and creator of the Family Circus was a resident of the town. He resided in Paradise Valley, at the north of Lincoln Drive, for more than fifty years. This place is also where his popular comic strip came to life.

Mike Tyson

The former heavyweight boxing champion owned a $2.339 million home in Paradise Valley in 2007. He later sold it for $2.1 million.

Alice Cooper

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has owned a home in Paradise Valley for more than 30 years.

Clive Cussler

The best-selling author, dubbed as the “Grandmaster of Adventure,” has lived in Paradise Valley for a long time. He has five well-known fiction series and has also founded the National Underwater and Marine Agency.

Why Choose Carol Royse as your Real Estate Agent in Paradise Valley AZ

Living in Paradise Valley is easy with its safe city ordinances and access to amenities. However, it’s important to have someone who will guide you with regards to property listings and other crucial factors. A trusted real estate agent will help, whether you’re purchasing a property to sell or to find a long-term home.

With 30 years of experience and achievements, the best person for this job is Carol Royse. Carol is a part of Keller Williams Realty and the CEO of The Carol Royse Team.

Carol is a top-producing and highly-acclaimed Luxury Realtor in the Greater Phoenix Area. She has successfully worked together with clients who are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and sports figures. Carol has been featured on radio and TV for her expertise in real estate.

With integrity and professionalism, she has been granted the CLHMS Designation. She is a best-selling author of two real estate books and a Quilly award winner. She has also been named one of Phoenix’s Top 10 Women in Business.

Carol has expertise in the area and a proven track record. She guides homebuyers from finding the right listing to addressing mortgage concerns. As such, buyers can rest assured that they’re in the right hands with Carol’s system of serving clients.

Things to Do in and Around Paradise Valley AZ

A golf ball and a golf club

Despite being a relatively small town, there are a myriad of things to do in and around Paradise Valley. They have everything, from recreational activities to must-visit restaurants. Here are some of the must-visit spots in Paradise Valley:


With history and scenic diversity, there are a lot of stunning attractions to visit around Paradise Valley.

Cosanti Originals

This gallery was founded by Italian-American architect Paolo Soleri. It features stunning wind bells made of bronze and ceramic. There are also bowl and pot artifacts with historical value along with other novelty items.

Glendale Historic District

This historic district makes visitors feel as if they’re back in the old times. It houses numerous antique shops and vintage restaurants.

Tonto National Forest

Tonto National Forest is Arizona’s largest forest. It covers around 3 million acres and features diverse scenery from thick pine forests to desert areas. It’s an excellent place to catch some breath of fresh air. However, if you’re camping, make sure to keep the camping site clean so as not to attract black bears.

Best Restaurants

Restaurants in Paradise Valley have an upscale and sophisticated ambiance. It offers families and individuals enjoyable evenings out.

El Chorro

This restaurant is the oldest restaurant in Paradise Valley that has never stopped serving since 1937. The restaurant’s structural renovations earned them the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) Gold Certification.

El Chorro has mouth-watering selections that have been highly-rated. The local favorite is their “World Famous Sticky Buns.”


Elements satisfy diners with delicious food, along with an enticing view of hills and city lights. Their menus are freshly organic and locally-grown. They also sell food selections that are vegetarian and gluten-free.

Lon’s at the Hermosa

Lon’s at the Hermosa is an exceptionally-rate restaurant in Paradise Valley. The chefs pick the ingredients straight from the restaurant’s organic garden that extends up to one acre. They offer a unique and regularly-changing menu that showcases their chef’s expertise.

O.H.S.O. Brewery

The Outrageous Homebrewer’s Social Outpost or O.H.S.O. serves an extensive menu and range of drinks. You can enjoy their offerings from brunch to dinner. They also have vegetarian and gluten-free selections on their menu.

Jade Bar

Located at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort, Jade Bar offers a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. They also use natural ingredients in most of their cocktails and spirits.

Recreational Activities

Homeowners can enjoy a lot of recreational activities in the area. From mountain trails to golf courses, there is no running out of fun things to do in Paradise Valley.

Paradise Valley Country Club

The setting of this country club offers visitors an opportunity to take in lovely views. However, its highlight is its health and fitness premises. Paradise Valley Country Club houses a golf course, swimming pools, and ten tennis courts. They also offer top-rated fine dining for individuals, business groups, and families.

Paradise Valley Golf Course

Meanwhile, the Paradise Valley Golf Course is an immaculate executive golf course. Its complex course is well-groomed and a must-visit for golf enthusiasts.

Cholla Trailhead

Cholla Trailhead has a total length of about three miles. Aside from a hiking area, it’s also a popular hotspot for birdwatchers.

Mohave Trail

The Mohave Trail offers stunning views as you hike during a great day out. Walking along the trail allows nature lovers to bask in the natural outdoor experience. Visitors can enjoy the seasonal wildflowers and see harmless chuckwalla lizards. Plus, the trail is also pet-friendly.

Mummy Mountain

This impressive mountain has been developed into a recreational area. It has a peak of over 2,200 feet with a total of 320 acres. It has been called the Mummy Mountain because its outline mimics the shape of the Egyptian Mummy.

Move to Paradise Valley AZ

Living in Paradise Valley will uncover why the place is named as such. If you’re looking to buy a Paradise Valley property, Carol Royse Luxury Division will guide you throughout the way. For inquiries, you may call 480.776.5231 or send an email to carol(at)carolroyse(dotted)com. Or, you may also leave your inquiries here to get in touch.

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