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The perks of owning a golf course home in Phoenix, Arizona in 2023

Golfing communities are dream locations for the millions who love the game. What could be better than to live right on the grounds where you can play every day? However, this is just one of the perks. Residents wake up to the beautiful scenery of the greens and its natural features, have access to world-class amenities, and get to live with like-minded people in upscale communities.

Phoenix mountain view

Golfing homes for sale in Phoenix are gaining popularity and not just among retirees. Young professionals, starter couples, new families, and executives, are looking to buy homes in golfing communities with their appeal becoming broader.

Luxury Golf Course Home Features & Amenities

Most luxury real estate opportunities in Phoenix, AZ, come in the form of single-family homes, condominiums, and townhouses. Home designs often reflect or are designed to perfectly complement the natural surroundings they’re in.

Golf homes have evolved to offer lavish built-in amenities that elevate how residents live their daily lives. Enjoy walk-in closets,  floor-to-ceiling windows, and an open-layout living area that flows into other rooms. Kitchens often come furnished with state-of-the-art appliances and countertop finishes.

Given the beautiful Arizona weather, outdoor entertaining spaces are often maximized. A highlight of these homes is that there is often a seamless transition from the inside of the house to the outside. Standard features you would see in a golf community home are outdoor patios, sizable backyards, and recreational features like a swimming pool and jacuzzi. Some homes may have a basketball court, but you’ll also likely find these amenities in the adjoining country club. There’ll also be exquisitely designed gardens and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Phoenix golf course homes for sale

Phoenix is a leading destination for golf, with the greater Phoenix area offering nearly 200 golf courses to enjoy. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which golfing community you’d like to live in. We’ve listed a few of the best golfing communities in and around the Phoenix area to give you a taste of what you can expect when looking for a golfing property.

Phoenix mountain view

  1. Desert Mountain is a premier gated golf community located in Scottsdale. Spread over more than 8,000 acres, this community has many neighborhoods set in the beauty of the Sonoran desert. There are 6 golf courses within the community, all designed by legendary golfer Jack Niklaus, meaning residents can take a lifetime to master all courses. This also means that there are 6 clubhouses to enjoy, so again, you’ll never tire of the amenities available.

    For those looking for more than golf, there are 3 swimming pools. tennis courts of different surfaces, including grass, fitness, and spa centers, all having top-end equipment, as well as trails for hiking and biking.

    When you have so many clubhouses, you’re not going to be limited in your dining options and have choices that run from casual to fine dining. Being close to many different shopping centers extends this choice even further.

    Homes in Desert  Mountain range from the relatively modest $700,000 all the way up to over $10M.

  2. Mirabel is another gated community set in over 700 acres of Sonoran desert. The golf course was designed by another legend of the golfing world, Tom Fazio, and beautifully incorporates the natural terrain of the area to create a challenging course for players. The clubhouse is stunning and features tennis courts, a swimming complex, and delightful fine dining.

    What makes MIrabel special is the sense of community it manages to generate with a limited number of homes available and limited membership to its clubhouse and golf course.

  3. Moon Valley Country Club is a private club located in the center of the Moon Valley neighborhood. There is a 72 par 18-hole course that has been redesigned by Dick Wilson. The country club has amenities such as tennis courts, an aquatic center, a fitness center, restaurant and bar, a pro shop, and an event space.

    Moon Valley Golf is open to golfers of all skill levels. The course is easy enough for novices to get familiar with their game but provides enough of a challenge for seasoned golfers.

    Different membership packages are available including tiers which are designed for members more interested in taking advantage of the amenities rather than playing golf.

  4. Arizona Country Club is a picturesque landscaped community that showcases the beauty of Camelback Mountain. Since 1956, the club has welcomed a host of families and individuals, all of whom have found something that they love about this special community.

    The Arizona Country Club has consistently ranked as the top family club in the state. If some family members are not golf enthusiasts, they can still enjoy the numerous comforts and recreational activities the club offers.

  5. The Legacy Golf Resort has a rich history that dates back to 1895. The world-class championship golf course designed by Gary Panks is a full 18-hole round that hosted the 2000 Ladies Professional Golf Association tournament. Users will revel in the spectacular way the natural vegetation and horticulture were carefully incorporated into the design of the course. Everything you need to help you improve your game is here including a lab that features a HD simulator.
  6. Pointe Hilton at Tapatio Cliffs Resort is one of the few full-suite resorts in Arizona with an 18-hole championship course at Lookout Mountain Golf Club. It has 584 suites, fantastic dining options, and a wealth of other activities and events to enjoy. The children will love The Falls Water Village.

Other notable communities include DC Ranch, Dessert Highlights, and Whisper Rock.

Real Estate Market Overview of Pheonix

If we look over a 3-year period at the Phoenix real estate market, what is immediately perceptible is that there is a trend of steady appreciation. If you bought a home in August 2020, it is likely you would have paid in the region of $299,900. A year later and the median had risen to $350,000. By August 2022, the median had risen further to $440,000, which was actually slightly lower than the peak prices seen in July 2022, when the median price of a home sold reached $471,000.

We do have to take into account that the years of the pandemic also saw a boom in housing real estate prices across the country. Also, in order to cool the market, the Federal Bank introduced higher interest rates on lending during the mid and latter part of 2022.

This has stabilized the real estate market in Phoenix and has made it easier for those looking to buy relatively modestly priced homes.

Then there are luxury homes that have the benefit of being in a golfing community. Various studies have shown that golfing homes increase the average property prices in a community by 15-30%. The property actually doesn’t even need to be within the actual golfing compound, as long as it is within proximity, it will share the benefit of increased property value. This benefit decreases the further away the property is from the actual golf community.

However, not all golfing properties are made equal. Before you buy, you need to ensure that the community you’re buying in is well managed, and therefore well run and maintained. This leads to a healthy cycle where the Home Owners Association can maintain high standards,  constantly improve the community, and attract the kind of neighbors you want to live around. A real estate professional can give you the best information as to whether a golfing community is just nice, flourishing, or a highly sought-after neighborhood.

Who buys golfing homes?

Retirees are flocking to Phoenix for three main reasons, great weather and scenery, great homes in golfing communities, and favorable tax conditions. Empty nesters can now look forward to investing in themselves and are choosing to buy homes in safe and beautiful communities where they can enjoy concierge services as well as indulge in their favorite pastime.

Family in golf course

Though it’s true that golf was once associated with just being an old man’s game, more recently, the game has become much more universal in its appeal. The game is now played by a greater demographic and the old age stigma is now a thing of the past. Families buying in golf communities are no longer just looking for a great golf course. They’re looking for communities that have a wealth of amenities that benefit the whole family, such as swimming pools, tennis courts,  and other sporting opportunities. A big draw for many families is that many of these golfing communities are located on grounds that are beautifully maintained and well-guarded in gated communities, giving them peace of mind as they raise families.

Higher-income individuals are also looking for Phoenix golf course homes for sale because of their increased returns. Luxury properties have to their advantage attractive locations in desirable neighborhoods. Some investors are not even avid golfers and are more interested in these homes as investments. They can be rented out and also used as secondary or vacation homes.

Living in Phoenix, AZ: Buying Phoenix golf course homes for sale

Phoenix sees over 19 million tourists annually. Tourists’ favorite things to do in Phoenix include shopping, golfing, and dining. The city is bustling with affordable real estate, a thriving job market, and affordable living. It’s become a popular area for young families and professionals, and retirees.

Phoenix is located in the south-central portion of Arizona, just 120 miles north of the Mexican border. It’s between El Paso, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, and one of the country’s most populous cities.

Here are some of the reasons why Phoenix, AZ, is one of the best places to live in:

  1. Low cost of living: Living in Phoenix is cheaper than the national average, making it significantly more affordable than many other cities in the country.
  2. Strong employment opportunities: Job growth in Arizona is nearly double the national average. Popular industries and sectors in the area include education, technology, tourism and travel, utilities, financial services, and transportation. As one of the fastest-growing regions in the country, the city is well-known for technology and software companies.
  3. Great year-round weather: There’s a reason why so many golfing communities have sprung up in the Phoenix area. One of the main reasons is over 300 days of sunshine a year. Of course, this also families to pursue other outdoor activities, many of which are catered for in the golfing communities and clubhouses.
  4. Cultural & recreational attractions: Arizona is a great state for sports fans and has many football, baseball, hockey, and basketball teams. Plenty of noteworthy museums are worth visiting, including the Phoenix Art Museum and the Artistic Photography Center. In addition to golf, people flock to Arizona yearly to see the majestic natural marvel of the Grand Canyon. Residents and visitors can enjoy the National Park, where you can go fishing, boating, cycling, hiking, and horseback riding.
  5. Location: Phoenix is placed in the perfect location. Residents can easily get to Mexico, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, all of which are less than 5-6 hours away.

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