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Why should you buy a luxury home in Scottsdale, Arizona?

Overview of a luxury home

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Are you looking for a new home and considering luxury homes in Scottsdale, AZ? You couldn’t make a better choice!

Scottsdale, AZ is high on the list of homebuyers’ preferred places to live. Not only is Scottsdale a top travel destination, it’s also a haven for anyone looking to invest in real estate. Indeed, the city is called “The Beverly Hills of the Desert” for a reason. It’s an affluent and upscale community boasting luxurious homes, high-end shopping, and fine dining restaurants. All these perks come with scenic views and some of the best schools in the country. 

If year-round vacation vibes are your thing, this guide details everything you need to know about buying luxury real estate in Scottsdale, AZ, and what living here is really like.


Scottsdale, AZ, which borders the east side of Phoenix, spans 180 square miles and has a  population of about 250,000. Phoenix borders the city to the West, the Salt River to the South, the Tonto National Forest to the North, and McDowell Mountains to the East. 

Scottsdale was originally inhabited by the Hohokam tribe around 300 BC. When they mysteriously disappeared in 1450 leaving behind a sophisticated irrigation system, the ​​Hohokam and the Yavapai peoples occupied the area. 

In 1888, a retired US Army chaplain, Winfield Scott, moved to the location and purchased 640 acres of land in what is now downtown Scottsdale. He established the town that eventually attracted other settlers because the climate was favorable, the desert location was irrigated, and scenery beautiful.  Incorporated in 1951, the town became a city on June 25, 2961.

Today, Scottsdale is part of the Phoenix Metropolitan area and has become one of the country’s fastest-growing cities. It has consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the US, with a high quality of life. Its proximity to Phoenix allows Scottsdale residents to enjoy additional amenities found in the state capital. 



If you are looking to buy luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona, now is the time to do so. The local housing market is pulsing with opportunities for prospective homebuyers.  

Whether you are looking to invest in Scottsdale because of employment opportunities or intend to purchase a vacation home for the family, Scottsdale, AZ, has plenty to offer newcomers.  

Here are some of the top reasons luxury homes in Scottsdale, AZ, are the most popular properties on the market. 

  1. Scottsdale, AZ has a strong economy

    Scottsdale’s economy is driven primarily by hospitality and tourism, accounting for at least a third of the city’s workforce. In addition, the three primary employment sectors in Arizona include aerospace, electronics, and semiconductor manufacturing. Since 2018, Scottsdale has seen a 14% growth in jobs and is projected to continue in that trajectory in the coming five years. 

    Scottsdale Airport is one of the busiest single-runway airports in the US and its airpark has blossomed into a regional center of commerce. Airpark employs over 50,000 people and houses more than 2,500 individual businesses. 

  2. Scottsdale, AZ’s location is second to none 

    Scottsdale is located just 11 miles northeast of the city of Phoenix, allowing residents access to extra amenities without having to live downtown. Scottsdale also sits in the Sonoran Desert, bordered by mountains. This makes nature a central theme of the area with outdoor recreational activities right at the doorstep of many residents.

  3. Scottsdale, AZ’s weather is gorgeous 

    Scottsdale weather is fantastic, with 330 days of annual sunshine. For most of the year, Scottsdale experiences just 7.6 inches of rain. The weather is good for those who don’t care for the cold – winters are mild, with residents enjoying the outdoors all year round. 

  4. Scottsdale, AZ is consistently cited as the most livable city in the US 

    Scottsdale was recognized in 2014 as the number one city for raising a family in America and has consistently been named as one of the most livable cities in the country. The outdoors is a theme embedded in Scottsdale’s daily life. There are plenty of public parks and recreational areas to enable residents to hike, bike, and swim. Other popular activities include fishing and waterskiing.

    Avid golfers will be happy to know that Scottsdale has over 50 golf courses within city limits, a fact that earned it the title, “The World’s Finest Golf Destination.” The world-class courses are located in some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels. 

  5. Scottsdale, AZ knows how to celebrate the best things in life 

    Scottsdale goes beyond golf and its outdoor activities. The city also holds the best festivals and special events for the whole family. The Scottsdale Arts Festival offers art, music, food, art games, and scavenger hunts each year in March. During this time, admission  to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is free.  Another highly anticipated event that typically happens in April  is the Scottsdale Culinary Festival, which features live music and tastings of flavors from all around the world. 

  6. Scottsdale, AZ has excellent public and private schools

    For people wondering if  Scottsdale, Arizona is a good place to raise children, the answer is a resounding yes. The area has excellent public schools complemented by top-performing private schools. The top-ranked public schools in Scottsdale, AZ, are Basis Scottsdale Primary (East and West Campuses), Basis Scottsdale, and Bella Vista College Preparatory School. 

  7. Scottsdale, AZ offers terrific investment opportunities

    Prospective real estate investors can also find plenty of rental opportunities during the peak tourist months of January to April.  There’s an uptick of guests who are looking to escape harsh winters because Scottsdale’s daytime temperatures are mild, ranging from 41 to 69 degrees during the months of December, January, and February. This makes a Scottsdale property a great investment opportunity. 

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Real estate is a tried-and-tested way of building wealth over time, with location being a crucial element of success.  Luxury real estate in Scottsdale, AZ, has been consistently strong, from record-breaking numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic to home prices rising 8.8% year-over-year as of February 2023, according to Meanwhile, Scottsdale REALTORS’ February 2023 Neighborhood Report puts the median estimated home value at $812,000. 


  • Luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona, sell for about three to four percent above their listed price. Scottsdale’s robust performance was partly fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw people adopting learn-and-work-from-home lifestyles. As people stayed home, buyers began looking for homes with more space and amenities offered by suburban communities. Even as we enter post-pandemic times, Scottsdale’s market remains strong, with people returning to their old routines and looking to travel. 
  • Recent numbers indicate that homes are sold within 30 daysof being listed. Expensive homes in Scottsdale, AZ, are located in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the country, including Silverleaf, Estancia, and Desert Highlands. Plenty of real estate options exist, from luxury resort condominiums to million-dollar homes in Scottsdale, AZ. These include custom-made single-family homes in private golf communities, as well as sprawling estates, leaving buyers plenty to choose from.
  • Scottsdale residents command a premium for their properties because demand continues to outpace supply.Property owners command a premium for homes because Scottsdale remains a popular tourist and lifestyle destination. Being an owner of a home in Scottsdale means you have plenty of buyers to consider, from families to professionals and retirees.
  • Since 2022, appreciation rates for homes in Scottdale, AZ are some of the highest in the US, at nearly 33%.When it comes to investing in luxury homes, the high end goes beyond home design. To succeed, homeowners need to be in a terrific location with access to world-class amenities. Scottsdale, AZ checks all these boxes.

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Knowing  Scottsdale, Arizona is a good place to live and the quality of luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale is peerless, buyers simply need to find solutions to hurdles they encounter along the way. The best way to do this is to employ the help of the best real estate agents in town

Where to live? It’s time to check out some of Scottsdale’s notable, affluent neighborhoods:

  • Desert Mountain
    This is one of the most desirable private communities in the country today. This gated residential haven boasts six Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses and  jaw-dropping Sonoran High Desert views.
  • Estancia
    An exclusive golf community in the heart of Scottsdale, Estancia’s spacious estates are Tuscan-inspired and come with a Pinnacle Peak view. The sunsets are picturesque and a highlight of each day.
  • Ancala
    A community that stretches some 850 acres across the Sonoran Desert, Ancala offers views of the McDowell Mountains from custom casitas. Residents can access Ancala Park for outdoor recreation and a private country club with high-end amenities and services.
  • D.C. Ranch
    This is where to buy property if you want privacy. D.C. Ranch, nestled at the base of McDowell mountains, is composed of four villages: Silverleaf Village, Country Club Village, Desert Camp Village, and Desert Park Village. Residents have a variety of homes to choose from. Options include patio homes, townhomes, semi-custom homes, and custom homes. Amenities include the Village Health Club and Spa, the Country Club at D.C. Ranch, and shopping and dining at D.C. Ranch Crossing. 
  • Boulder Ranch
    This is where outdoor and indoor living meet. With open layouts and spectacular views of the Sonoran Desert and Four Peaks, this community has eight luxury single-level home designs in a secure, gated community. Find single-family homes with 5,000 square feet of living space.

Browse luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale now



Luxury properties stand out in the real estate market because they’re unique and promise an elevated quality of life. The best homes are designed to utilize the space efficiently and are located where work and amenities are easily accessible. 

Here’s a list of things that make owning a luxury home in Scottsdale, AZ especially advantageous: 

  • Investing in luxury homes in Scottsdale, AZ involves less risk
    Properties are generally more stable than paper investments, especially when you’re focused on long-term growth. Home prices and equity grow  because of the nature of physical assets. As commercial development encroaches on residential areas, there will be fewer homes available for sale while boosting the value of existing properties.
  • Investing in luxury homes in Scottsdale, AZ promises rental and income opportunities
    If you intend to turn your house into a luxury rental, you can command better prices than a standard vacation home. Rent is also something you can control – as a landlord, you determine your rental terms and prices.
  • Investing in luxury homes in Scottsdale, AZ means spending less for maintenance
    Buying expensive homes in Scottsdale, AZ, means not having to worry too much about  maintaining the home. High-end properties are often built with premium materials, reducing the frequency of upkeep and repairs.

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While luxury means different things to each person, there are common elements that people look for when it comes to high-class modern amenities. 

Here’s a quick rundown of luxe features you can expect in million-dollar homes in Scottsdale, AZ:

  • Home offices

    Home offices are now an essential part of many homes, whether luxury or not. Size and appointments will vary, and may include areas to conduct business and entertain business partners. These rooms can also be libraries or sitting rooms.

  • Sustainable and smart technology

    More and more luxury buyers are seeking out smart home features that make daily living easier for them and for the environment. These include remote-controlled thermostats, lighting, windows, and security systems.

  • Multipurpose spaces

    Multipurpose rooms in various areas throughout the home are valuable. As the need arises, these spare rooms or open areas can be converted into spaces that serve specific or fleeting functions, such as home gyms, play zones for sleepovers, or entertaining areas.

  • High-end kitchens

    Gourmet kitchens with professional-grade appliances and AI-enabled devices are essential features of luxury properties. Other must-haves are large double sinks, multi-functional kitchen islands, walk-in pantries, and marble countertops.

  • Open floor plans or dedicated rooms

    Contemporary design offers seamless integrations of spaces, making the home feel cohesive. This also allows for better movement, airflow, and aesthetics. However, when the home also functions as a work space, occupants have seen an increasing need to  have separate rooms in which to decompress or retreat to a little peace and quiet.

  • Large outdoor living areas

    Anyone living in Scottsdale will want to take advantage of that gorgeous sunny sky. Outdoor living spaces that accommodate dining sets, BBQ stations, a separate outdoor kitchen, fire pits, a bar, and lounge chairs by the pool are mainstay amenities in Scottsdale.

Browse luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale now


Carol Royse is at your service if you’re looking to buy or sell in one of Scottsdale’s exclusive luxury communities. Her team has a wealth of local real estate knowledge to help you identify the luxury home with the best value in Scottsdale and fulfill your real estate dreams. 

Team up with the Carol Royse Luxury Division at Keller Williams Realty. Give us a call at 480.797.2724 and let’s talk about your luxury home wishlist. We have been a byword in high-end real estate for more than 30 years. Experience the difference when we help you find your luxury home in Scottsdale, AZ. Contact our specialist agents today.

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