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Pool Trends for Your Luxury Home in Phoenix, AZ

The Phoenix, Arizona luxury real estate market is no stranger to scorching hot summers. In fact, this part of the country is warm and sunny even if it is well past the summer months. This sprawling urban desert sees nearly 300 days of sunshine every year—including more than 100 days above 100 degrees. No wonder this metro is known as the Valley of the Sun.

In a balmy place like this, having a swimming pool on your property is as sensible as it is opulent. This is why Phoenix tops all cities in the United States when it comes to real estate properties which feature swimming pools. This recent study from LendingTree reports that 32.7% of all homes in the city have their own private pool.

If you are looking to join the club by adding a swimming pool on your property—or even just renovating your existing pool—this guide will be perfect for you. Below, The Carol Royse Luxury Division will discuss the top design trends and features for luxurious residential swimming pools.


3 essential things to consider about owning a residential swimming pool

Before breaking down the top swimming pool design trends, let’s look into three crucial factors to keep in mind before you begin building or updating a swimming pool on your property.

  1. What benefits do you want to achieve with your swimming pool?

    Why do you want to have a swimming pool on your property in the first place? Do you plan to use it for a specific health and fitness routine or purely for recreation and relaxation?

    Understanding your motivation for owning a pool will guide your decisions moving forward. Certain design elements and pool amenities are intended for specific uses so it pays to have a clear idea of how you will make the most of your investment.

  2. Do you understand all the costs involved in owning a swimming pool?

    The price of building or installing a residential swimming pool depends on a variety of factors. The type of soil on your property can influence how much work your builder will need to do, for example. Your choice of construction material and finishes will also factor into the final price. You must also consider the costs of the plumbing systems that need to be set in place, as well as the labor that will be involved through the course of the construction.

    The expenses do not stop there, however. Long-term costs of ownership include maintenance costs and occasional repair charges.

  3. How does adding a swimming pool impact your property’s value?

    The great thing about being in the Greater Phoenix real estate market is that a swimming pool can elevate your property’s appeal. Because of the Valley’s arid desert climate, a private pool within your personal property is a sensible investment that can add both aesthetic value and practical, almost year-round usefulness.

    LendingTree’s study confirmed that adding a residential swimming pool does increase a property’s value. Specifically, it mentions a premium of roughly 54% for properties which feature a private pool. According to LendingTree’s research, a median property with a pool is valued at $469,187, whereas a property without a pool is valued at $305,152.

Top swimming pool design trends

With the basic questions out of the way, let’s dive deeper into the prominent trends to keep in mind when you build a swimming pool for your luxurious Metro Phoenix home.

This section breaks down the variety of styles, features, and construction materials that luxury buyers are choosing for their residential swimming pools.

10 popular styles and designs of swimming pools

  1. Lagoon-style pools

    While rectangular lap pools are always a safe choice for a swimming pool design, they can appear generic and impersonal. This is why the range of preferred pool designs has expanded to include a variety of free-form shapes and sizes.

    Lagoon pools are a common design preference for private backyard swimming pools. Featuring curved and rounded edges, these pools create a more natural look compared to plain rectangular lap pools. These styles work best when the pool is designed to follow the natural contours of your property’s landscape. Surrounding the water with a complement of lush foliage and other nature-inspired decor will complete the look.

  2. Geometric-shaped pools

    An alternative and more contemporary take on the lagoon-style pool retains the abstract form based on your landscape, but incorporates straight lines and sharp angles instead of soft and round curves.

    This geometric approach balances the flexibility of a free-form pool shape with clean and crisp edges. While you can still fashion your pool around the key features of your property’s landscape, the angular style looks more modern and sophisticated—a great match for any luxury home.

  3. “Infinity” pool designs

    If your Phoenix, AZ luxury home offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding Sonoran Desert, then the seamless negative-edge or “infinity pool” design will be the perfect choice for your swimming pool.

    Without any visible frames or enclosures getting in the way of your view, your pool will appear virtually limitless. As the water seemingly connects directly to
    the horizon, it will create a dramatic visual effect that will add to your enjoyment and relaxation.

  4. Dark pool interiors

    Gone are the days when all swimming pools had to feature the typical light blue interior. Contemporary pool builds are embracing darker pool colors for a more stunning effect. This style goes great with a lagoon-type construction, as the dark hues lend to a more natural aesthetic for your pool.

    More than just a visual novelty, dark pool interiors also serve a practical function. Because dark colors absorb more sunlight, your pool also absorbs more heat naturally. With the Valley’s abundance of sunshine, your pool will be even more soothing at a fraction of the typical cost of pool heating.

  5. Shallow wading pools

    While the City of Phoenix defines residential swimming pools as structures that contain water at least 24 inches deep, there is no rule requiring a minimum depth. You can opt for your pool to be shallower than the typical five to six feet depths of common lap pools. The depth of your pool ultimately depends on how you want to use it. And choosing a shallow depth is perfectly fine.

    Shallow pools are the practical choice for homeowners who have kids in the family. You can feel more secure about the safety of the youngsters, while still having an enjoyable pool to splash around in. Wading pools are also ideal for staying fit using low-impact water exercises.

  6. Deeper, sports-oriented pools

    On the other end of the spectrum, consider a deeper swimming pool if you and the members of your household are confident and experienced swimmers. Deeper pools are more suitable for a wide range of water sports and are perfect if you fancy leading an active lifestyle. You can develop and maintain your water exercise routines without having to leave your high-end Phoenix, AZ home.

  7. Multi-level pools

    If your luxury property features a sloping landscape, put this to great use by building a fancy, multi-leveled swimming pool. These are typically designed so that water from the elevated pools can flow down to the lower ones, creating a cascading waterfall effect. Dramatic designs like these instantly elevate the aesthetic standard of your luxury property by giving your home an irresistible resort vibe.

  8. Zero entry (or beach entry) pools

    While the Valley hardly has any beaches to boast of, you can bring a satisfying beach experience into your own backyard with a “zero entry” pool. Take the lagoon-style pool aesthetic and bring it to the next level with a sloping entry that evokes the genuine feel of stepping into a real sea or lake.

    This pool style is ideal for luxury properties with sprawling outdoor spaces. With ample ground area, you can fully maximize the gradual slope of your pool entry.

    The zero entry design is also great for ensuring the safety of young children and elderly swimmers. As long as you choose appropriate textured or non-slip material for the flooring of the slope, you do not have to worry about any slippery ledges or ladders causing unfortunate swimming pool accidents.

  9. Pools with tanning ledges

    The point of having a private swimming pool is being able to soak up the sun whenever you please. Make the most out of the nearly 300 days of sunshine that Phoenix enjoys every year by placing lounge chairs by your poolside.

    Better yet, have your pool designed so that it has a flat, shallow edge that allows you to place a partially submerged lounge chair. With this setup, you can relax and get your tan while staying cool in the water.

  10. Above-ground pool

    Above-ground pools may traditionally be low-cost swimming pools for homes with limited space, but with some creativity and flair you can have a stunning one that perfectly suits your luxury home’s aesthetic qualities.

    For example, consider attaching the pool to an elevated wooden deck. This can create the perfect outdoor entertaining space for your family and friends.

    Incorporating high-end materials into the construction can also elevate the quality of your above-ground pool. The right builder might even give you the option to install durable transparent panes as the pool walls for a stunning visual experience.

4 desirable features and decorative elements that your swimming pool should have

  1. Fire pits

    A fire pit can create the perfect visual complement to a luxurious swimming pool setup, simply because of the contrast between water and fire. These are great to have especially when you enjoy taking a dip after the sun goes down. Not only does a fire pit illuminate the area, it also generates a fair amount of warmth to keep you from getting too chilly from evening breezes.

    Deciding where to place your fire pit can get really interesting, depending on the size and design of your pool. The most practical place to install it is somewhere close to where you want your lounge chairs to be.

    But if you have a wide and deep enough pool, you can consider building the fire pit right in the middle, with ample seating for you and a few guests. With high walls, you can have something like a mini-island lounge that you can climb into when you feel like taking a break from your swim. It certainly lends to a unique resort-like experience that can easily be a highlight of your luxury property.

  2. Decorative LED lighting

    If you are on the fence about the safety of having an open fire near your pool, or if you simply want to have more color to liven up the surrounding area, LED lights are the way to go.

    LED light fixtures are an excellent way to set the mood for your pool. You can find smart lighting systems that you can automate or adjust to your liking, straight from an app on your mobile phone. They are also energy efficient, allowing you to upgrade the visual appeal of your pool area without weighing you down on long-term costs.

  3. Cocktail bar

    The warm and bright Arizona sunshine, cool and refreshing water all around you, and your favorite drink in hand—now that is relaxing in the lap of luxury.

    With a swim-up bar in your pool, this can be your regular experience every time you take a dip. A built-in cocktail bar will instantly make your residential pool a major highlight as a primary spot for entertaining.

  4. Saltwater

    Like the zero entry pool design, saltwater swimming pools bring the beach experience closer to your Arizona home. Saltwater is a good alternative to traditional, chlorinated pool water because the water is not as harsh on your eyes, hair, and skin. To be clear, saltwater pools still contain chlorine, but at a significantly smaller amount.

    Over time, saltwater pools also give you the benefit of lower maintenance costs. You can save on the cost of chlorine tablets typically required for traditional pools. You do have to check for salt buildup or signs of erosion when you perform regular maintenance on your pool, however.

3 most common construction material for residential swimming pools

  1. Concrete and plaster

    The combination of concrete with plaster finishes is the most common type of swimming pool construction you can get. In addition to being durable and cost-effective, concrete is porous enough to support a plaster-coated finish to hold water. Because of its flexibility, concrete swimming pools can be installed anywhere on your property, with virtually limitless possibilities for your preferred design.

    Concrete and plaster builds can also be the foundation for alternative finishes
    that you might prefer to make your swimming pool appear more high-end. You can install ceramic tile, resin, or other artificial aggregate textures with this material as the base.

  2. Fiberglass

    Fiberglass pools are sold as pre-manufactured frames or shells. You can choose from a variety of available shapes and designs, but your opportunities for custom designs are limited, depending on what the manufacturer has to offer.

    The advantage of choosing fiberglass pools is the speed and convenience of installing it. The frame is simply fitted into your property after a brief excavation.

  3. Vinyl lining

    Vinyl-lined pools are a cost-effective option that can be used for either above-ground or in-ground pool installations. The vinyl lining is tailor-made to fit your pool design.

Where to find luxury houses in Phoenix, Arizona

If you do not own a house in the Valley of the Sun yet, you can spare yourself from the hassles and expenses of building your own pool. Instead, search for an outstanding property that already features a beautiful swimming pool.

With The Carol Royse Luxury Division, searching for this perfect luxury property is easy. Start by browsing these six featured listings from highly coveted Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley locations:

42 E. Biltmore Estate, Phoenix, AZ 85016


Located in the highly sought-after Biltmore Estates circle, this gorgeous private villa bears the signature designs of internationally renowned architect, Bing Hu. This property flaunts a beautiful pool and spa with professional landscaping and a cozy outdoor BBQ area for entertaining.

5829 E. Jean Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85018


Nestled on a picturesque mountainside at the foothills of the majestic Camelback Mountain, this lavish gated estate sits on a sprawling 2-acre lot, with a 7,000-square-foot property as its centerpiece. Perfectly complementing this incredible location is a 75-foot negative-edge pool and a separate negative-edge hot tub.

8215 E. Nightingale Star Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85266


This 5-bed, 3-bath luxury home offers unparalleled privacy and tranquility with its highly desirable cul-de-sac location inside a peaceful gated community. The backyard pool features natural boulder-inspired stylings with a little grotto slide to add to the fun.

6461 E. Crested Saguaro Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85266


Find peace and relaxation in this beautiful home inside Scottsdale’s desirable Terravita golf course community. The property includes a private swimming pool and spa right next by a spacious BBQ area. The neighborhood offers easy access to Terravita’s championship golf course, heated Olympic pool, and clubhouse dining and recreation amenities.

7620 N. Red Ledge Drive, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253


Claim your very own private slice of desert paradise with this sprawling 16.4-acre mountaintop property. With a fully customizable, build-to-suit home designed by architect CP Drewett, you can make the ultimate home and private luxury swimming pool of your dreams a reality.

5335 N. Invergordon Road, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253


Own a magnificent 25,000-square-foot estate with captivating views of Camelback Mountain that you can take in from a remarkable terraced, cascading pool. This exquisite Arizona home is truly the stuff dreams are made of.

If you want to see more exceptional options in the Valley’s incredible luxury real estate market, go here to discover The Carol Royse Luxury Division’s primary areas of service. Simply click on a city or community’s name to see the wide and impressive selection of listings that are available for you to choose from.

You can even dive deeper into your preferred listings by exploring them via a virtual home video tour. Contact The Carol Royse Luxury Division for more information and assistance.

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