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Living in Greater Phoenix

With more than 300 days of bright and pleasant sunshine, prolific economic opportunities, and a wide range of cultural and recreational experiences to offer, the Greater Phoenix Area is one of the fastest-growing destinations for high-quality real estate. Learn more about the different types of homes you can find in this coveted metropolitan area, as well as the best cities and communities in the area in this informative local guidelink. Visit this resource often to check on the latest updates and fresh content about the best lifestyle highlights that the area has to offer, courtesy of your reliable local real estate experts, The Carol Royse Team.

A metropolis on the rise built on a booming local economy. Bright and sunny conditions nearly all year round. Outstanding cultural and recreational destinations. A distinctive urban desert character.

All these qualities make the Greater Phoenix Area one of the most irresistible locations for buyers looking for prime real estate. Read on to learn more about the Valley of the Sun and the exceptional living experiences it has to offer.

Real Estate Options in Phoenix, AZ and Its Surrounding Communities

There’s a home for every kind of buyer in the Phoenix metropolitan area. From the sprawling cosmopolitan estates and condo high-rises that exude modern urban luxury, to single-family homes in tranquil suburban neighborhoods, the Valleys residential real estate finds are as diverse as they come.

Style-minded home buyers will also be pleased with the abundance of architectural gems in the area. In addition to all-American classics like Ranch and Craftsman bungalow homes, there is also a wide range of distinctive house designs that blend in perfectly with the urban desert landscapes. Here are five examples:

  • Pueblo Revival –This distinctively southwestern house style features flat roofs, earthy adobe or stucco walls, and heavy wooden accents.
  • Mediterranean Revival– A fixture in many master-planned communities around the Valley, this style is instantly recognizable with its arched or circular windows, red tile roofs, and wrought-iron balconies.
  • Spanish Mission –Also known as the Hacienda style, this design features stucco and adobe brick exteriors with clay-tiled roofs. These homes also come with an enclosed courtyard.
  • Tuscan –These designs, blending Italian influences with local desert sensibilities, are common in the mountainous parts of the Greater Phoenix Area.
  • Contemporary/Mid-century Modernist –While most of the previous styles in the list pay homage to the Valleys historic ties, there are also plenty of contemporary architectural designs to be found around the area. Their clean lines and high-concept structures, matched with advanced features and materials, are the ideal match for the sprawling desert landscapes that surround these exquisite homes.

The Best Areas to Live in Greater Phoenix

Looking for the ideal place to search for your dream home? Below is an overview of home buyers most coveted locations in and around the Phoenix metro. Read on and click through each link to learn more from our detailed community pages:

  • Phoenix – More than just a summer tourist destination, Phoenix is the economic, cultural, and recreational center of its entire metropolitan region. Homebuyers are welcome to enjoy an outstanding cosmopolitan lifestyle that easily rivals what other major metros in the United States can offer.
  • Arcadia – This affluent Phoenix neighborhood boasts of exquisite homes located along peaceful tree-lined streets, with quick and easy access to excellent shopping and dining destinations.
  • Ahwatukee – Featuring excellent local schools, miles of trails to explore, and small-town feel that makes everyone feel right at home, this urban village is another coveted residential enclave in Greater Phoenix.
  • Biltmore – One of the most elegant suburbs in Phoenix, Biltmore offers a wide selection of multi-million-dollar homes for the most sophisticated buyers.
  • Scottsdale – Known as The Wests Most Western Town, this city wears its history on its sleeve, creating a rich living experience overall.
  • Paradise Valley – If you want to live near top-rated shopping centers, golf courses, and fine dining destinations, you cannot go wrong with a home in the Beverly Hills of Arizona.
  • Chandler – Easily accessible via major highways, this city is a great place if you want to enjoy outdoor recreation, the arts, and vibrant community events.
  • Gilbert – People know this Arizona town as Phoenix’s coolest suburb. This laid-back community boasts of expansive green spaces and awe-inspiring historic landmarks.
  • Tempe – The ideal city for home buyers looking for a vibrant environment rich with art and culture, Tempe is a lively college town where football games and music festivals are a staple.

The Greater Phoenix Areas Best Lifestyle Highlights

The local experts at The Carol Royse Team are always at the forefront of the best experiences that the Greater Phoenix Area has to offer. Watch this space for more informative content about the best places to eat, most popular places to shop, and top things to do in Phoenix.


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