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A Comprehensive Guide to Selling a Home

Selling your house is an exciting endeavor, especially if you live in a highly coveted community in the Greater Phoenix Area. The possibilities for getting high-value offers for your property are always there in a desirable and competitive location like the Valley, but what can you do to make sure you attract them? This insightful home sellers guide walks you through eight essential tips that will lead you to a rewarding and satisfying home sale. From making smart choices to prepare your home to sell to handling the buyer’s professional inspection and appraisal requests, this guide covers the important steps you need to take.

Count on The Carol Royse Team to help you find the best deal for your prized real estate property in the Greater Phoenix Area. Start with these essential tips for selling your home:

    • Hire a local luxury real estate expert

Choosing the right real estate professional to work with from the very start will make the entire process of selling a house not only stress-free but enjoyable as well.

Look for a local expert with extensive experience when it comes to the type of property that you own. Look into the agents’ reputation and professional network, as well. Working with a well-connected luxury real estate specialist pays dividends if you prefer to sell your high-end property through exclusive channels (otherwise known as pocket listings).

  • Get the property ready to sell

To get your house in top condition to attract serious and substantial offers, add these to your master list of things to do:

  • Declutter and depersonalize. In addition to cleaning every nook and cranny, make sure to provide buyers with a blank canvas where they can visualize how they would live on the property. This means putting away any personal items and décor that can distract from the property’s best features.
  • Prioritize essential repairs. The kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms are typically the most scrutinized areas of the house so focus your repair efforts and resources here. Deal with issues like faulty plumbing or tile and other surface replacements first. Make sure that essential electrical systems work perfectly, as well.
  • Stage the home. Hire a professional to ensure that all your living spaces are presented in their best light, both for promotional photographs and videos and for firsthand visits from interested buyers.
  • Price your property right

Work with your agent to compare and analyze real estate prices in your area. This will help you arrive at a fair and reasonable price for your property, based on its current market value.

Avoid overpricing – one of the biggest missteps a home seller can make. An unrealistic asking price can leave a property ignored by savvy buyers and agents for an extended. If this happens, you may be forced to adjust to a new price much lower than what your property is truly worth.

  • Prepare your seller disclosures

All real estate sellers are required by law to disclose information about the condition of their property. These include:

  • Ownership and property details
  • Building and safety conditions
  • Provided utilities
  • Environmental factors
  • Sewage or wastewater treatment systems
  • Other conditions that may impact the value of the property or affect the buyers decision and/or ability to use the property

In Arizona, disclosures must also include the following, if applicable:

  • Swimming pool barrier disclosure
  • Condo disclosure information
  • Notice of soil remediation
  • Disclosure affidavit for land in unincorporated areas
  • Military airport disclosure

Disclosures are not required to be extremely specific, like declaring any scratches on your finishes. However, if the buyer asks about specific aspects of the property that you did not deem important to disclose, you are obligated to answer.

If you do not know the answer to any questions raised by the buyer, indicate that you do not know instead of making unfounded guesses. Incorrect guesses can leave you liable for misrepresentation.

  • Maximize the property’s accessibility for viewings

Serious buyers will want to see your property up close, so be prepared to give them access to the property. You may be at the mercy of your buyers’ schedules, however. Be prepared to step out for viewings scheduled at awkward times – an evening visit in the middle of the week, for example.

Leave it to your agent to entertain visiting buyers and address their questions about the property.

  • Review and choose offers carefully

Consult closely with your agent when the offers begin coming in. Patience is key at this stage. The highest offers are not always the best ones – you must also look into the contingencies detailed in your buyers’ offers.

Be ready to enter a negotiation period when you find the most suitable offer. Your agent will represent your best interests in this crucial process, so make sure that you communicate your selling goals with your agent clearly and consistently.

  • Cooperate with the home inspector and appraiser

In order to meet all contingencies during the escrow period, professional inspectors and appraisers will need access to your property. Offer your full cooperation to allow these processes to go smoothly.

If an inspector finds any repair needs, work to address these problems immediately to prevent any delays in closing the sale.

Prepare the house ahead of the appraisers’ visit. If your property receives a low appraisal, consult your agent about requesting an alternative.

  • Close the sale

When all contingencies are met, schedule the closing date with your buyer. Prepare for a final walkthrough with the buyer, which may include an inspection that may raise last-minute fixes.

Once everything is in order, all the required paperwork will be signed, all funds in escrow will be handed to you, and the sale will be made official.

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